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Elementary school kids immersed in ILC card comp


Fourteen kids from Sarusawa Elementary School in the town of Daito in Ichinoseki City took part in an ILC “karuta” card tournament held on Thursday, pitting their reflexes against each other while learning about science and the International Linear Collider (ILC).

It was the second round of ILC karuta competition held by the Sarusawa Civic Center; the first round having been held in September last year. The cards contain illustrations and phrases relating to ILC parts and experiments, with messages such as: “Connecting the world with the spirit of ILC science,” “Holding hands in international cooperation: the ILC” and “Flying around, elementary particles invisible to the eye.”

The kids started off in two groups and the competition heated up. Everyone received ILC goods and those who made it through the qualifying round and won in the next stage received special prizes.

Kanna Ito, a girl in the fourth-grade, won the tournament and said: “I was happy to be able to grab a lot of cards.”


* Sets of “karuta” cards - a popular game in Japan where people race to grab a card that has been called out - have been distributed to each class in elementary schools in Ichinoseki City, after-school clubs, civic centers and so on, to have kids enjoy learning about the ILC. The cards were made by the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (also known as KEK), who solicited entries nationwide for the cards and chose 44 for the set.

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Click the pic for the original Iwate Nichinichi article: Jan 27th 2017

Translated by Nathan Hill

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