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Experiments and learning about the ILC at junior high schools in Ichinoseki


A special ILC class was held at Sakuramachi Junior High School on Thursday for the 86 students in the second grade, who learnt more about the research that would take place at the proposed International Linear Collider, and the significance of building it.

Associate Professor Junpei Fujimoto of the Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies at the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (also known as KEK) in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture, was asked to speak at the junior high, and made use of dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide) in experiments to explain the nature of ILC research and the basics of elementary particles.

With regard to the goal of experiments at the ILC, Associate Professor Fujimoto said: “it is to discover the laws for the particles which make up everything in the universe,” and added: “it will take fifteen years for the ILC to be built and operating, right about when you students could be involved as researchers in the experiments.”

Kei Kimura, one of the second-grade students, looked satisfied and said: “I understood that elementary particles are smaller than atoms, and what kind of experiments would take place at the ILC.”

ILC classes are being held at all junior high schools in Ichinoseki City through to December, presented by Associate Professor Fujimoto and others involved with the ILC.

[Photo] Students observe the behavior of particles invisible to the eye via “cloud chamber” experiments using dry ice and alcohol.

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Click the pic for the original Iwate Nichinichi article: July 8th 2016

Translated by Nathan Hill

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