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ILC summer camp in Ichinoseki (July 23-26)


The “Summer camp on ILC accelerator and physics/detectors 2016” taking place at Itsukushien, a hot spring resort next to Genbi Gorge about twenty minutes from central Ichinoseki, enters its fourth and final day today. Some 70 scientists, physicists, university professors and postgraduate students from across Japan have gathered in Ichinoseki to share information related to the proposed International Linear Collider (ILC) project, as momentum builds in bringing the next-generation particle accelerator to Iwate Prefecture.

The annual summer camp, which began in 2010 after moves to realize the ILC project had become more specific, is held as a forum for accelerator scientists and elementary particle/high energy physicists to share knowledge, to aim for developments in their research and the realization of the ILC. 

Held this year in Ichinoseki City for the first time, presentations were made on the first day about the current status of and issues in accelerator research, gravitational waves, and ILC strategy. Mr Masao Kuriki, Professor at Hiroshima University, explained how most of the accelerators in use around the world are circular accelerators, a famous example of which is the one at CERN in Switzerland, and talked about issues in the elementary particle beams that would be used in collisions for the straight-line ILC.

On the second day, Dr Atsuto Suzuki, president of Iwate Prefectural University, made a presentation about regional efforts to realize the ILC, and other researchers presented about efforts being made at the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (also known as KEK; located in Ibaraki Prefecture near Tokyo), and neutrino oscillations.

On the third day there were presentations about detectors which analyze reactions from particle collisions, and on the fourth and final day, participants will take a tour to the vicinity of the planned interaction point (collision point) for the ILC.

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Click the pic for the original Iwate Nichinichi article: July 24th 2016

Translated by Nathan Hill


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