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What we see Ichinoseki’s future to be


Ichinoseki Daini High School (Akaogi, Ichinoseki City) held the final installment of the seminar, "Thinking about the future of this region" on December 4th. Following previous sessions where first year students discussed how to develop Ichinoseki in preparation for the International Linear Collider (ILC), students designed posters envisioning what Ichinoseki would look like if the ILC was built and presented the efforts necessary for making life in Ichinoseki accommodating to everyone. 

Commencing in October, three installments of “Thinking about the future of this region - How do we see ourselves in Ichinoseki in ten years?” were scheduled for the 200 first-year students to deepen their understanding of the ILC.

On presentation day, the 30 posters which were created by each group of students were displayed in the corridors. Some points in regard to food and lifestyle were that “In order to make it easier for foreigners to live here, there needs to be an increase in the number of English signs.” and “As the number of foreigners increase, so will international cuisine. If local produce is used, it will lead to the revitalization of the region.”

One group focused on Ichinoseki’s mochi (sticky rice cake) culture and with pictures, introduced creative dishes that would appeal to foreign palettes. Another team referenced the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture) and interviewed Tsukuba City Hall for their ideas on the foreseeable changes that may ensue if the ILC was constructed.  

Kota Sugawara (16) said, "When I heard each group’s presentation, I realized many things which I had not thought of. If the ILC comes, many people from abroad will gather and benefits such as globalization will progress. There are great merits so I want the ILC to be decided."

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Translated by Aimi Bell
Click the pic for the original Iwate Nichinichi article: Dec 6th 2018


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