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Ichinoseki City is in the south of Iwate Prefecture, Japan, and is the second biggest city in the prefecture in terms of both area and population. It is two hours north of Tokyo by the bullet train, and is located in the center of the Tohoku region. Ichinoseki is also near world heritage sites in the adjacent town of Hiraizumi, and is an inland hub for destinations on the coast. The route of the proposed ILC tunnel runs through Ichinoseki, with the center scheduled to be in the city’s northeast.


Ichinoseki is relatively warmer than the rest of Iwate. The western side of the city is affected by the climate of the Japan Sea, and is covered in snow in the winter. The central and eastern side of the city follows a Pacific climate pattern, with many clear days in the winter. The city is blessed with a rich natural environment with diverse seasonal attractions. The changes in season are evident and beautiful; the vast fields are planted in spring, grow through the summer and are harvested in autumn.


Ichinoseki has a long history of education and learning. The city fostered a number of intellectuals including Tozan Ashi, a pioneer in the Japanese criminal systems, Takebe Seian, who contributed to development of Dutch medicine and medical talent, Gentaku Otsuki, who opened Japan’s first private school for Western studies and fostered a number of students, and Mikishi Abe, a founder of Japanese reinforced concrete engineering.

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