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Ichinoseki Linear Collider Newsletter, ILC News

This is a newsletter issued by Ichinoseki’s ILC Promotion Division and contains news of ILC-related events which took place in Ichinoseki. Click on the images below for the latest English translations of ILC News.
Our most recent addition is ILC News 43, published on Jan 2024.


Please call or email the ILC Promotion Division if you have any questions about content in this newsletter or other matters.
TEL: 0191-21-2111 (internal lines 8646 and 8647)

Teach me!! Dr. Higgs

Dr Higgs.png

"Opening up a new stage in world science Bring the International Linear Collider to Tohoku – Regional initiatives and activities –"

This brochure introduces the various efforts made by the city to further awareness of the ILC, including seminars, exhibitions, billboards, stickers and other stationery, and so on.

ILC pamphlet ENG.png

ILC Badges


Ichinoseki designed badges to further momentum in bringing the ILC to the Kitakami Highlands. The badges measure 1.5 x 3 cm and have “ILC,” “Iwate” and “Ichinoseki” written on them. The three “I”s are lined up diagonally, with “ILC” and the “I” letters in green, symbolizing our hope to host world leading research here in this land rich in nature. The red circle in the background represents the Japanese national flag, with the hope that this ILC project will become a national project.

Badges are free and are available at the following locations: the ILC Promotion Division at Ichinoseki City Hall; regional branches of the city hall; and the head office and branch offices of the Ichinoseki Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


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