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Excited children experience science - Kids Science


On November 21, 'Ichinoseki Kids Science' (sponsored by Ichinoseki City), was held at Kozenji Civic Center in Ichinoseki. Children experienced the joy of science through crafts.

About 40 children and parents participated. Two staff members of the Morioka Children's Museum of Science instructed the sessions.

At the science show, participants observed vortex rings emitted from air cannons that were made from cardboard and buckets to deepen their understanding of airflow.

Participants also tried their hands at making rockets utilizing the elasticity of bouncy balls. Parents and children cooperated in completing the rockets by using bamboo skewers. The children cheered as the rockets launched up off the floor. 

Takeru Kikegawa, a fifth-year student at Ichinoseki Takizawa Elementary School, exclaimed, "I’m becoming more and more interested in science. I want to make an air cannon at home."

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Original Iwate Nippo Newspaper article 「科学に触れて弾む児童の心」Nov 23

Translated by Aimi Bell


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