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Local support shown at the ILD meeting 2018


February 20th kicked off a three-day international conference, “ILD Meeting 2018” at Ichinoseki Cultural Center.  The International Large Detector (ILD) will be one of the detectors used to carry out ILC research. 63 researchers from around the world, participated in an exchange of opinions. 

For a detailed account of the ILD Meeting 2018, please refer to the Kitakami Times.


Local Supporters of the Event

Here are four accounts of people of the community in Ichinoseki working behind the scenes and being involved with the ILD meeting. 

Welcome with an English Play


> Tetsuya Chiba

1st grade Student at Iwai Junior High School

“At the welcome reception, 16 of us students ranging from elementary to high school performed a play about Gentaku Otsuki and the ILC’s realization in Ichinoseki. We had practiced since January. Our play was well received by the audience.” 


> Introducing Restaurants for Overseas Researchers

Yuki Iwabuchi

In/Outbound Promotion for Ichinoseki and Hiraizumi

“We created an English map and translated menus to support the researchers who had come from abroad so they could enjoy our local restaurants.”  


> Welcome with a Traditional Dance

Ai Suzuki and Tsubasa Akamoto

Grade 6 at Iwai Elementary School

 “We danced the “Nakazato Chicken Dance” at a banquet. Not only were the researchers who participated from abroad thrilled but so were the Japanese researchers who previously had no opportunity to experience Ichinoseki’s arts.”  

> Accommodation Assistance

Ayako Yoshida

Tourism Association

“We assisted with the reservations for accommodation. As there were many participants from abroad, we responded to inquiries and requests in English. On the day of, we worked at reception and gave sightseeing information in the hall.”


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