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Meeting of ILC Promotion Model Schools in Morioka


On the 19th, the prefecture invited student representatives from ILC Promotion Model Schools to a gathering at the Iwate Industrial Research Institute in Morioka City for the first time. Around 50 students presented the results of their projects that they had worked on throughout the year and demonstrated how actively involved they are toward attracting the ILC. Six of the eight designated prefectural high schools participated.

Five first grade high school students from Ichinoseki Daiichi High School spent half a year deliberating on the medical environment necessary for the ILC by comparing the US, Europe and China with Japan while also addressing the arrangement of medical interpreting in various areas in the prefecture, and cashless accounting. They proposed that the prefecture develop human resources with a focus on elementary to high school students specializing in English and added that “we need a facility that provides advanced, scrupulous medical care within the laboratory”. Kyohei Hosokawa, who aspires to be a doctor, said “I want to work for the ILC and support researchers on the medical side of things”.

Hanamaki Agricultural High School produced mutton sausages shaped as the letters “I” “L” and “C” and presented their sales results. Mutton was chosen as it is more widely accepted by religions. Miyako Commercial Senior High School reported on the outcome of the student-run ‘Miyako Department Store’ where they practiced how to correspond with foreigners. Mizusawa High School presented on their impressions of their tour of the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (Tsukuba, Ibaraki Pref.) in English. Mizusawa Technical High School presented on how they built a model (of the ILC) for their culture festival, as well as PR efforts. Morioka Daiichi High School introduced ILC PR measures by utilizing social networking services.

After the presentations, students divided into seven groups to exchange their opinions. Third grade Miyako Commercial Senior High School student Rinako Chiba said, “There were so many ideas among only six schools. If the whole prefecture were to focus their efforts, there might be even better ideas’. 

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Click the pic for the original Iwate Nippo article: Feb 20th 2019

Translated by Aimi Bell

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