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Seeking cooperation from the parliament, a request to Chairman Kawamura


In the bid to realize the next generation large-scale accelerator, the "International Linear Collider (ILC)", affiliated organizations of Ichinoseki City, Oshu City and Northern Miyagi prefecture requested cooperation to realize the ILC from the non-partisan Federation of Diet Members for the ILC and LDP executives on the 4th of June in Tokyo. 

The request was carried out by 9 organizations including the Association of Citizens Who Strongly Support the Realization of the ILC (a private organization in the Ichinoseki region), the Oshu City ILC Promotion Conference and the Ryoban Muncipal Area Council (A council which includes the towns of Ichinoseki and Hiraizumi). A written request was handed to diet member, Chairman Takeo Kawamura. Chairman of the Ryoban Muncipal Area Council, the Mayor of Ichinoseki City, Osamu Katsube stated that "I will continue to work hard in the community to host the ILC," while Chairman Kawamura said, "Let's do our best together."

The written request states,“In order to ensure that that the ILC comes to fruition in Tohoku, we must learn about the ILC; the ILC’s construction will be an international project led by Japan to ensure that the hopes and dreams of children and students with brightened eyes will come true. We strongly request that the project proceeds.” The Association of Citizens Who Strongly Support the Realization of the ILC also submitted the declaration adopted at the rally for the ILC held on the 24th of May.

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Click the pic for the original Iwate Nippo article: June 5th 2019
Translated by Aimi Bell


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