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Thinking about the accelerator industry: ILC Technology Seminar held in Ichinoseki


Thinking about the accelerator industry: ILC Technology Seminar held in Ichinoseki


(Translation of an article on page 3 of the January 13 edition of the Iwate Nichinichi newspaper. Original article can be seen in the link below)


The Iwate Accelerator Industry Research Group held a seminar at the Ichinoseki Cultural Hall on January 12 for personnel from companies in Iwate Prefecture to learn about current developments in technology which would be used in the International Linear Collider (ILC), and to consider joining the accelerator-related industry.


The Iwate Accelerator Industry Research Group was formed in 2015 to encourage companies in Iwate Prefecture to join the industry, and holds seminars several times a year. The seminar on January 12 was the third for the 2016 fiscal year and the first held in Ichinoseki City, attended by some 100 people from the manufacturing industry, research institutes and so on.


The seminar began with a greeting by Mr Hiroyuki Fujishiro, head of the research group and professor at Iwate University’s Faculty of Engineering, who said: “The accelerator-related industry covers a broad range of areas. I hope you find a hint or two for technological development, and further it in your work.” Three presentations followed by professors and associate professors involved in accelerator research at the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, also known as KEK.


Professor Mitsuo Akemoto talked about high voltage pulse modulators used in “klystrons” which amplify radio frequency waves and would supply power for beams in the ILC. He explained how progress is being made at KEK on devices made of silicon and carbon, and that test runs using klystrons are scheduled for next month, adding: “I really hope young researchers and company employees become interested and join the industry.”


Also scheduled for next month is a visit to the site of a tunnel under construction in the middle of Iwate Prefecture, and on March 23 the next ILC Technology Seminar will be held at Iwate Prefectural University in Takizawa City.


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Translated by Nathan Hill
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