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Young enthusiasm to help realize the ILC: Two graduates of Ichinoseki Daiichi High School submit their petition.


 [Tokyo branch office] On the 28th of March, graduates of Ichinoseki Daiichi High School, Hironobu Asari (sophomore at Iwate Medical University) and Ryota Konno (sophomore at Tohoku University) presented signatures of 5,664 people to Hon. Masahiko Shibayama of the Ministery of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) to show support towards the realization of the International Linear Collider (ILC).


Asari hopes for, "the ILC to come to Iwate and for it to facilitate the academic and economic development of the prefecture." Konno of the Faculty of Science expressed that “as a person studying physics, the ILC is very meaningful. I want to do research at the ILC." Hon. Shibayama said "I'll seriously take your enthusiasm to heart."

The two proposed petitioning activities during their third year of high school wondering, "Isn’t there something that we can do?" Over the span of two years they collected signatures by asking schools across Ichinoseki, Oshu, Kitakami, and also called upon citizens to cooperate at commercial facilities. 

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Click the pic for the original Iwate Nippo article: March 29th 2019

Translated by Aimi Bell


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